Our Steaks

Juicy, Delicious, Perfect

Highest quality, prime-cut beef steak, thanks to their variety can easily satisfy even the most sophisticated guests. PaniStek is a perfect place to meet the expectations both small and a big fan of beef steaks.

Cut from a part called short loin. Roast beef steak is a bit harder than tenderloin steak, but it has more flavour.

A piece cut out of a part called sirloin, is slightly more intense in taste than the tenderloin, but harder than roast beef.

The steak is cut in a very similar way to a t-bon but is much larger than it. Porterhouse steak is cut in the place where the tenderloin is the thickest.

It is a piece of entrecote from the top of the ribs. This steak is very soft, it is also more intense in taste, thanks to the large number of small fat threads.

Steak with bone, on one side of the T-shaped bone there is a piece of beef tenderloin, on the other side a piece of roast beef.

This steak is a large gray-white piece of meat cut out of the ox’s abdomen, aromatic and extremely juicy, it has become the pride of all shapely butchers and hence the name.

Juicy, extremely soft and aromatic steak with shrimp and toppings.

Delicate and juicy salmon meat perfectly seasoned.